A New Take on Bad Bosses

I wasn’t aware that failure was now a movement, rather than just a lack of success. It grew out of the idea that we learn

Don’t Tax the Rich

A bullshit job is meaningless or unnecessary work which the worker is forced to pretend has a purpose. Millions of people, often HR consultants, communications

Downhill from here

The longest day of easily the longest year was last Monday, June 21st. Between then and December 21st, the sun will shine on our feral

Disown the Podium

Remember The March of the Penguins, where all the male Emperor Penguins huddled together for warmth in the coldest place on earth and Morgan Freeman

Writing Like Crazy

Donald Trump is “writing” a “book.” I italicize those words because their meaning to Mr. Trump is quite different from what you and I mean.

Summer is a Season Again

Last summer didn’t count. We couldn’t go anywhere, do anything, see anyone. Already, this summer is making up for lost time. We’re going everywhere, doing

A Hole in 3

What’s delightful about the dreadful sexual abuse scandals consuming Canada’s military is, no matter how blind and deaf our generals are to investigating their own

Re-opening Meets Re-awakening

I remember March 13th last year. It was a Friday, and the day most North Americans left our workplaces and hunkered down for the coming

By the Dawn’s Early Light

I want to go to America. So do you. I know we live in a beautiful land. But like everyone else on earth, crossing a

Death by Civilization

One thing about the Nazis is that they were excellent record-keepers. It’s because of this that six million Jewish families knew who among them had

Open the Arts!

It’s unfair to say Doug Ford doesn’t like Margaret Atwood. Ten years ago he said he wouldn’t even recognize her on the street. But he

Feats of Clay

We all have three lives, a friend once told me. Our public life, our private life, and our secret life. How many times is some

Streaming or Screaming?

The pandemic not only sent us all home, it threw us onto our screens. Here we dutifully started watching videos – not just by streaming

Hell is other robots

Technology didn’t miss a beat during the pandemic. Before COVID, computer voices sounded fake and HAL-like. Now, you can hardly tell if you’re talking to


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