Better Business Writing for Communications Professionals: "Get to the Point"

Time:  Two, 2-hour online sessions held a week apart (total 4 hours)

Maximum:  8 people 

It’s ironic that a company’s communications people (the very people whose job is to tell their organization’s story) need writing help. But even they get diverted from being clear and persuasive to whoever they’re writing for.

This course can help your communicators find their voice again, so their writing becomes clear and quick and memorable to read.

Better Business Writing – General: "Get to the Point"

Time:  Two, 2-hour online sessions held a week apart (total 4 hours)

Maximum:  8 people 

Are your employees getting bogged down and unable to really tell their story anymore? Especially now that they are working from home, and diverted by so many more things that can unfocus us all?

This course focuses not on a soft skill like writing, but on the very hard skill that writing well is.

With lots of homework and one-on-one interaction, the end goal of this course is to have readers say of the course participants’ writing:  “Well, that was clear.”

Pitching to Win

Time:  Two, 2-hour online sessions held a week apart (total 4 hours)

Maximum:  4 people 

Most firms are thrilled to win 1 in 4 new business pitches. But what if you could win 1 in 3? That fortune you invest in staff time and disruption would suddenly make more sense. Not to mention the flood of new revenue. There’s a secret to winning your unfair share. Practice.

You thought there was a magic bullet? Sorry. Preparation still beats hope and panic every time. But since when did skill and experience win any piece of business? What selection committees really want from your team isn’t just competence. It’s chemistry, creativity, enthusiasm and clarity under fire.

Unless you can communicate all of that, you won’t win. 

This course can help you do both.

Presenting Well

Time:  Two, 2.5 hour online sessions held a week or two apart (total 5 hours)

Maximum:  6 people 

If you can’t present well, you won’t succeed soon. Because what you say and how you say it is all that most people have to go on in recognizing your expertise and authority.

Whether you’re presenting on a large scale or in small informal meetings — or even one-on-one in that career-making interview — your message needs to be not just about your skill and confidence, but your authority in carrying it off like a pro.

These are no small things.

This course will teach you how to write and say words that convince, rather than just explain.  And how to confidently speak straight to the heart, to win a “yes” when the listener’s head is tempted to say “no.”

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