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Had a Great Fall

Which is as different for Humpty Dumpty as hearing “Have a great Fall” is for you. So now that the leaves are really turning and a chill is officially in the air, best to go down these little rabbit-holes before heading outdoors into the waning light.

Before the Fall

It was a good week for Canadians: we got our two Michaels back and we got a day to remember that we can change history and not let history change us by forgetting how badly Canada’s Indigenous citizens were treated, and still are.

Twice the Summer

Summer in southern Ontario is three months long. But in this very bad year, we’ve been blessed with the first five-month summer in many years. Remember back in May? Glorious. September so far?

Gorgeous. Time to count our blessings — and celebrate them just three weeks from now.

It was 20 years ago today……

…that 9/11 happened. So please spare a memory for those who died and for how our world has grown much less stable in the past two decades because of it. One good way is to watch Spike Lee’s film that captures New York’s faith and fate since September 11, 2001. Make it a communal thing: bring your family, friends, neighbours old and new.

Labour Daze

Oh well. It was a blessed summer, with an added month thrown in when May became as warm and sunny as July. But all that

The Last Weekend of the Summer

I say make hay while the sun shines. Not in the same way weekends revved you and saved you in the past. But in a

Why we call Saturday’s blog “OG.”

It’s short for “Omnium-Gatherum” which is the long, Latin way to say “Things I fell across on my way to tomorrow.” As always, we start

The Dog Days of August

We’re in them right now, the hottest, most sultry time of the year. Their name comes from the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star, in

Faster. Higher. Stronger. Quitter.

No one knows before an Olympics what it will be remembered for. We knew when the Tokyo Games opened on July 23rd that COVID would

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend

The “August Long Weekend” began as a bank holiday, which is the term to describe a day when the banks are closed in the United

Pent-Up Demand Goes Panting

Last weekend all across Ontario, the entire 15 million of us, poured into theatres, museums, gyms, hair-dressers and border crossings. Even though none of what


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