Jodi Kantor

January 20, 2012

Last night, Jodi Kantor was on Piers Morgan, defending her book on the Obamas. She’s been all over the world’s media on why “The Obamas” is a real portrait of an extraordinary marriage.

Next Friday, the famed New York Timesreporter will speak at the Ramsay Luncheon about……what it means to take on the White House.

Jodi Kantor began her journalism career by dropping out of Harvard Law School to join in 1998. Four years later, she became the Arts & Leisure editor of the New York Times. She has been covering the Obamas since 2007, and regularly appears on Charlie Rose and The Today Show.

So please join us at the next Ramsay Talkto hear the inside story of the ultimate inside couple, and how power connects.

P.S.  Oh yes, Michelle Obama wasn’t just anxious; she was “privately fuming, not only at the president’s team, but also at her husband….” and you can read why here.



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