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The Last Doctor

Is Jean Marmoreo The Last Doctor you’ll ever see? She could be if you decide to end your life by opting for medical assistance in death.

Dr. Jean Marmoreo and Johanna Schneller have co-authored The Last Doctor on that complex, life-ending subject where our worries for our parents’ final days are becoming the stark, startling fears about our own.

We’ve fought to have a good life; can we not have a good death too? And what are the rules? Do we need to be screaming in ‘breakthrough’ pain? Or what if we’re ‘just’ depressed? Or have Alzheimer’s and are doomed to live out our days as a husk of our former self?

Jean was one of Canada’s first doctors to offer Medical Assistance in Dying when the Supreme Court legalized it in 2016 and is one of the busiest today. Johanna is one of North America’s leading freelance journalists.

They will speak at the next RamsayTalk about lessons in living from the front lines of medical assistance in dying.

Date:    Thursday, September 29 th

Time:    6:30 to 8:00 p.m. ET. Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

Place:     Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema – 506 Bloor St W near Bathurst, Toronto

Tickets: $45+HST and includes your copy of The Last Doctor. CLICK HERE to register.

[You’ll need to come to the event to pick up your book. If you don’t, we’ll donate it to the Toronto Public Library].

Please pass this invitation on to like-minded friends and family.

The Last Doctor Advance Praise

“Powerfully honest and compelling, this book tackles the tough questions head on.”  –Pamela Wallin

“I couldn’t imagine saying that a book on medical assistance in dying was an irresistible page-turner, but that was before I read The Last Doctor.” –Katherine Ashenburg

The Last Doctor tells the gripping stories of the patients Marmoreo has helped to die, but it also probes the quandaries that confront all of us, doctors and patients alike, as MAiD expands its parameters in a rapidly aging society.” –Sandra Martin

“Dr. Jean Marmoreo has spent her medical career at the leading edge—of feminist practice, of comprehensive primary care, of pregnancy and birth care . . . and now as a ….facilitator of death. -Dr. Danielle Martin

The Last Doctor is more than an excellent primer and advanced read about MAiD, its history and evolution. It is a reminder of the fragility of life [as well as] the inside and honest story of a medical doctor tackling her own fragility and personal history.” –Dr. Roberta Bondar

The Last Doctor is a majestic book about the power of kindness and the language of love. It will change forever how you think about medically assisted dying.”  –Dr. Joe MacInnis

CLICK HERE to register.

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