The Good, the Baad, and the Lucky

“None of our staff has been beaten, attacked, killed, as far as I know,” she said.

That’s what an Afghan woman who runs a women’s shelter said last week after the Taliban over-ran her town. By any account, women in Afghanistan, already among the most wretched of the earth, are in for an even more dreadful time.

More than half of all Afghan women are physically abused and 60 percent are in forced marriages. Not arranged marriages; forced ones. As the New York Times reported, “Honor killings, child marriages, the payment of a bride price for a woman, and the practice of baad — the trading of young girls to pay the debts of the elders, which is tantamount to selling a child into slavery — still occur in rural areas. Everywhere, harassment of women in workplaces and in public is a constant, as is psychological abuse.”

And this is all before the Taliban arrived. Anyone who believes they’ll start hosting diversity classes is guilty of doe-eyed bambi-ism. Winter is coming.

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