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Am I a whiner to mourn the death of my diner?

The news that Flo’s Diner in Toronto had closed hit me hard. But why? It was just a diner.

True, I’ve eaten there since it opened on Bellair in 1991, and long after it moved to 70 Yorkville. I was a regular and wore my old-guy-corner-booth-bacon-and-eggs persona like a medal. Not for me The Four Seasons or Park Hyatt, where a piddly bowl of porridge and coffee will now set you back $40.

I’ve always been a diner guy. Years ago, Brothers on Yonge just below Charles was my eatery of choice. It was run by two brothers who kept baseball bats behind the counter to go after anyone who forgot to pay. No one forgot to pay. But Brothers closed long ago, and the idea of opening a diner today seems as viable as the idea of buying a stick-shift car or a Hungarian restaurant on Bloor St.

Flo’s co-owner Pierre Hamel said it was a dispute with their landlord that led to its closing and laying off 15 staff. Hamel said: “We came out of COVID really, really strong, and we would like to stay as long as we can.”

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Old problem gets new thinking

As surely as we believe that fat makes you fat, heart surgery demands bedrest, and wet sidewalks cause rain, we believe that abused women who flee to shelters should be granted secrecy and anonymity.

But that ‘given’ may be taken away, at least from our conventional thinking.

Last week, The New York Times columnist Rachel Louise Snyder wrote about the movement to make the locations of domestic violence shelters less secret and more public. They’re secret, of course, because we equate secrecy with safety. Otherwise, your abuser can track you down and hurt you or even kill you. It’s happened.

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