Queen Victoria is not amused

It’s her weekend and are we planting our gardens without fear they’ll freeze overnight? Are we opening our cottages, swatting the blackflies, gassing up at

The Arms Race

Just as a Smith & Wesson beats four aces, so too does a 10,000-a-day vaccination site beat even these last few days of sunshine to

A drop to drink

Canada has more fresh water than any country and more lakes than the rest of the world combined. So is it too much to ask

Newspapers, not oldspapers

Donald Trump repeatedly called it “the failing New York Times.” It sort of was until Trump took office. Then it went on a tear, fuelled by

Old toffs. Old tricks.

I went to boarding school back in the 60s when most of the ‘masters’ had degrees from Oxford or Cambridge and spoke with upper-class British

Love letters

“Whatever field you are in, if it uses language, it is about to be transformed.” That’s the subhead of last week’s New Yorker article by

Hemingway would weep

Wayne LaPierre is under fire. The head of the National Rifle Association used to lead America’s most powerful and well-funded lobby group. He  still does,

Big ideas in small packages

Welcome to this weekend’s edition of Ramsay Writes, designed to divert our gaze from the dull and the usual, and remind us how odd and

Feed the Arts. Grow the Nation.

Why do arts groups argue for more funds from governments and corporate sponsors by using their second-best argument for that money? It goes like this: 

The No Diva Rule

My friend in the music business told me their staff were sent an artist profile whenever the company signed a new rising star. In the

Playtime for Grownups

My enormous inner child needs constant feeding and watering. Yours should too. Not with other kids. Just the two of you because only you know

Can a ward heeler be a real healer?

The Washington Post ran a contest long ago for the most boring headline of the year. The winner was “Canadian initiative launched.” The word that

Where are the clients’ yachts?

The world’s best con man, Bernie Madoff, died last week in a North Carolina prison, where he was 11 years into his 150-year sentence for


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