The Anti-Everything Inquiry

An essential chapter of the fascist playbook is to blame foreign actors for your troubles. Poland, Hungary, and China do it today as a matter

I’m the Best.

I’m tired of the phrases “award-winning” and “best-selling.” Tired because they signal puffery and bullshit over skill and achievement. Which is odd since they were

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend

The “August Long Weekend” began as a bank holiday, which is the term to describe a day when the banks are closed in the United

Fake News. Real Death.

America is such a rich well of strangeness that you can uncover almost any belief about anything and hold it up as proof of whatever

Pent-Up Demand Goes Panting

Last weekend all across Ontario, the entire 15 million of us, poured into theatres, museums, gyms, hair-dressers and border crossings. Even though none of what


In April last year, as Donald Trump handed the pandemic over to the states to deal with, and then kept Democratic ones from receiving funding

The Surly Bonds

While Donald Trump is untethering from reality, which is a bad thing, you and I are being untethered from tradition, which is a good thing.

Back to Abnormal

We’re officially three weekends into freedom and what are you feeling? A bit like that old Ontario tourism campaign – “Friendly, Familiar, Foreign and Near?”

Cancelling Controversy

You’d think universities are where controversy could flex its delts. Isn’t controversy a purpose of a university? To test out new ideas by debating them

Hot Enough for You?

Global warming isn’t always about Heat Advisories in the High Arctic. It’s about our normally placid middle-of-the road weather going bi-polar. It’s about extremes. So

An iPhone for the Arts

Last year, the tech giants made almost a trillion dollars in revenues. Put a different way: a thousand billion. It’s little wonder that governments starved


Denial is a terrible thing. Indeed, the primary symptom of the disease of alcoholism and addiction is the person afflicted with it saying they don’t

Saturday Multi-Slacking

Is the whole point of weekdays the weekend? Certainly it is in summer, and most certainly this summer because last summer was cancelled without notice.

A New Take on Bad Bosses

I wasn’t aware that failure was now a movement, rather than just a lack of success. It grew out of the idea that we learn


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