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“Most successful people are just a walking anxiety disorder harnessed for productivity.”

Andrew Wilkinson’s idea won’t leave my head as I scratch it to come up with any successful person it doesn’t describe. Which got me to thinking about that other earwig, Donald Trump. He doesn’t seem anxious, except maybe this week he finally will, as New York Attorney General

Letitia James filed a 222-page lawsuit claiming he and his kids have engaged in massive fraud over many years. The document makes astringent reading. And speaking of reports, Wachtell Lipton’s on the racist and misogynist actions of Robert Sarver, the owner of the NBA Phoenix Suns, exemplifies how law firms are now policing workplace misconduct. But the most shocking of this week’s reports comes from the US Congress which revealed just how much energy companies have misled Americans on the industry’s role in climate change.


1. Some good deeds for a change. From “Syndrome K” to Billy Joel.

2. Where assisted suicide is legal. Helping people choose the time and place of their death is not only spreading around the world, its criteria in Canada are expanding.

3. How good is Roger Federer? Here’s a sizzle-reel of just his best backhands.

4. Pay attention! The new oil is not crypto or the metaverse. It’s attention. Scott Galloway makes a compelling case that all of us with attention-deficits will understand.

5. We’re Number 2!  In six months the Russian military has gone from being the second-most powerful army in the world to being the second-most powerful army in Ukraine.

6. “Men who treat women like that in public…I fear how they treat them in private.” When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ain’t happy, ain’t…..well, see here.

7. The best way to keep your education is to give it away. It seems that’s the best way to keep your company as well, as Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, did last week when he gave away his company in order to help save the planet. Here’s what he said. Less well known is that Chouinard’s father was a Quebec handyman, mechanic, and plumber who left Quebec for Maine, and then in 1947, with his wife and son Yvon in tow, to Southern California.

8. Can someone please tell me what “Neom” is? Take a look and …well, it’s a Middle Eastern megadevelopment, I think. But for sure it’s Saudi Arabia’s big new venture in image management.

9.  Chaos cooking. It’s not what happens naturally when some of us try to cook food. It’s an actual cuisine… “Part neo-fusion, part middle finger, a new, brash food style changing the face of restaurants.”

10. Beethoven plays King Charles. Here are Beethoven’s variations on God Save the King.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, tango is once more live and kicking.


Jean Marmoreo is the last doctor you’ll ever need to see.


Medical assistance in dying became legal in Canada in 2016. 

Since then, qualifying for MAiD has shifted from being in unbearable pain and facing a foreseeable death, to a much wider swath of conditions.

Our worries for our parents’ final days have also moved to the stark, startling fears about our own.

Dr. Jean Marmoreo and Johanna Schneller have co-authored The Last Doctor on that complex, life-ending subject.

Jean was one of Canada’s first doctors to offer medical assistance in dying and is one of the busiest today, and Johanna is one of North America’s leading freelance journalists.

They will speak at the next RamsayTalk on September 29 at 7:00 p.m. at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema about lessons in living from the front lines of medical assistance in dying. Then Gill Deacon, the host of CBC’s Here and Now will interview both authors on-stage, followed by a Q&A with the audience.

For tickets, click here.

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