The Plague-Ground – It’s time for an intervention

I’ve been on both sides of an intervention.

Once, back in 1990 when my two great (and sadly late) friends, Arthur Gelgoot and Charles Fremes, staged an intervention that stopped my steep slide into addiction.

Since then I’ve taken part in half a dozen interventions, not as the person in freefall from alcohol or drugs, but the recovering addict helping the addict in trouble.

This past weekend, I started to think there’s someone out there who needs the sudden halt that only an intervention can create.

That, of course, is Donald Trump.

An alcoholic or addict is someone who ingests chemicals to repeated harmful effect. Mr. Trump seems to be ingesting America to repeated – and accelerating – harmful effect.

It’s time, it’s long past time someone finally intervened on America’s 45th President before he ruins us all.

At an intervention, you want to gather family members, friends and people the addict admires all in the same room. This is a gang-up, and it’s often a surprise. “Gosh, mom, what are you and dad and sis and Mr. Jones doing here tonight?”

The problem is, 90% of interventions led by family members fail. Why? Because, for all their tough talk, they generally chicken out when dad says: “If you don’t stop, we’ll cut you off.” On the other hand, 90% of interventions led by a professional succeed, precisely because they have no emotional connection to the addict and so are hard to manipulate.

I learned this not from experience, but from Andrew Galloway, who’s a professional interventionist and addiction specialist. He does this for a living, including on the CBC series, Intervention Canada.

We talked.

In Mr. Trump’s case, his family, and especially his adult children, all seem to be taking the same drug he is. Let’s call that drug “power”. So they’re likely not going to tell him to stop, especially when they’re ingesting massive amounts of the same drug themselves.

What about his wife, then?

Um….can’t really see that, either.

Okay, what about his good friends?

Does he have any?

People he admires?

Well, he admires Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un and Rudy Giuliani and David Duke.

David Duke?

Anti-semite Klansman.


Hard to put together anyone Trump would listen to.

So maybe present the complete opposite. As a narcissist, he believes anything good happens because of him, and anything bad he has no responsibility for. Like most addicts and alcoholics, his view of the world is distorted.

He believes truly that his actions have no negative impact on anyone else. Whatever plague or police action they die from, it’s their fault.

One thing we could do is take away what sets him off, the way a beer does an alcoholic.

What’s that?

His Twitter account. That seems to get him high, no matter what time of day or night.

Interesting. Last week, Twitter moved to limit his unbridled use of their platform.

So….there’s hope?

Not really.

What happens to addicts and alcoholics who run from an intervention?

Well, most of them have died within a couple of years.

Last night, he threatened to order the military to enforce law and order. But on Saturday night, this man who worked so hard to avoid military service was hiding out in a bunker in the White House.

As I said, addicts don’t see the world as it is.

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9 thoughts on “The Plague-Ground – It’s time for an intervention”

  1. There is nothing left to say, Bob. You have hit the nail on the head. This man is an addict with an unlimited (so far) access to what feeds his addiction. It appears it is up to the population of the USA to force an intervention. Will it happen? Tune in in November (if he allows the election to happen….).

  2. joseph rosenthal

    well done Bob you are on the money as usual . i do however have the feeling he is going to get back in again
    j and d

  3. You are so right Bob,
    An addict is so focused on his/her next fix, (power grab) that they loose sight of the realities and consequences around them.

    1. Mark — An addict is in the very (very!) short-term satisfaction business, and we see that with Trump as the outrages increase in number each day.
      Thanks for connecting.

  4. Good one Bob. Doesn’t an intervention suggest that there is a minute quality worth saving? The subject of the article has and never had a degree of moral fiber in his body as has been demonstrated by his history of Casino’s, tall buildings, false statements and women. He has one love in his life,- money, and what it buys for him – power. Currently he controls the world’s largest piggy bank, which can print cash endlessly. Talk about a rush.The true addiction.
    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. He’s addicted to money and the power it can buy for his ego.Look what he did did with the World Health Organization. That’s exactly the type of intervention he needs, should his cabinet and Senate care about their country, with any semblance of a backbone. The world was not laughing at the US of A. We were laughing at him as a paper tiger.

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