hammer throw

Faster. Higher. Stronger. Quitter.

No one knows before an Olympics what it will be remembered for. We knew when the Tokyo Games opened on July 23rd that COVID would play a role. But we now know before they close tomorrow they’ll be remembered for three things.

The first is, if you’re a Canadian, our winners are overwhelmingly our women. This happened in Rio in 2016, so now, twice. In fact, women changed everything about these games, from transgender athletes to the goldest-medal-winner of all, Simone Biles, quitting to protect her mental health, and then coming back. And speaking of quitters, cities are no longer lining up to bid to be the host city for the games, which has become a poisoned chalice.

So on that torch-filled theme, here’s this weekend’s Omnium Gatherum.……

1. Olympians talk too. And here’s a great spillover idea from Airbnb to bring them to us before the Games end this weekend. Speaking of Olympian talk, watch this British parody of what Olympic commentators keep telling us.

2. Maps to change your mind. Did you know that half of Canada’s population lives south of Ottawa? This and other fascinating revelations.

3. The horrors of being a Facebook monitor. This whistleblower faced hate speech, porn and brutal violence every day.

4. Knitting magic into fine suits. Bruno Cucinelli makes some of the world’s most beautiful and costly clothing. Like $4,000 sweaters and $7,000 raincoats. But what’s best about Cucinelli is the gorgeous videos they produce to seduce you into thinking it’s all worth it.

5. It’s okay to have friends with benefits. In fact, two-thirds of romances start out as friendships. So if you’re looking for love, or even just sex, it could be closer than you think.

6. There’s no gossip like G7 gossip. Especially when The Queen is in the room, speaking French. Check out this reception with Lady Di, Margaret Thatcher, Ted Heath, George Bush Sr. and Elizabeth the Second.

7. Birds have regional accents. Yes, just like us. But do Cockney Crows and Newfie Nighthawks face discrimination because of how they talk?

8. When will you die? This infographic shows you how long you have left. As they say, prepare for an existential crisis. And let’s not book coffee for any time beyond August 22nd, 2029. I won’t be there.

9. How to lead a cultured life – First, subscribe to www.nytimes.com, easily the best investment in daily reading and watching you’ll ever make. Twice a week, they send articles and lists of their picks of books, shows, concerts, recipes, people, places and things to connect with, learn from, and love.

10. Country RoadsWatch one of your favourite songs by an army of the world’s best country and western stars. Almost heaven.

Forbidden Word: This week’s word that you may no longer use in polite company is grandparent.

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