Lorne Manly

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lorne Manly has worked at The New York Times for a decade as an editor and reporter, and is currently the deputy editor of the culture department.

This means he helps oversee all print and online coverage of film, television, books, theater, art, classical and pop music, architecture, dance and the world of ideas as the paper navigates its way through the digital revolution transforming the news business. Previous posts at The Times include entertainment editor, media editor and chief media writer, during which he got to hang out with the braintrust of “Lost,” go to Qatar for the launch of Al Jazeera International, explore the corporatization of payola in the music business, chronicle the evolution of television product placement and profile a resurgent Paul Anka. In addition, he was a member of the investigative team that uncovered the journalistic fraud of Jayson Blair at The Times, and has contributed articles to The New York Times Magazine.

Lorne began his journalism career atYorkUniversitywhen,  during his first year he wandered into the offices of the school newspaper, Excalibur, and later became its editor in chief. After graduating fromYorkwith a BA in political science and history, he spent a summer as a general-assignment reporter at The Toronto Star before landing inNew Yorkmore than 20 years ago to attend the Graduate School of Journalism atColumbiaUniversity.

So………let me know if you can join us to hear a real decision-maker on what gets into the Times’ Arts & Leisure pages ….and why.

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